Senior Supplier Quality Engineer - Calambam Laguna, Philippines


Calamba, Laguna, Philippines, Philippines


The quality and reliability team ensures that our products are the highest quality that they can be, that we are striving to improve our products, the knowledge of the wider Dyson team and the fundamental systems and processes that determine the quality of our products.

Role Objectives:
1. To identify, manage and develop Dyson key suppliers by establishing alignment between Dyson requirements, supplier processes & capabilities and performance metrics.
2. To engage Dyson interfacing teams and functions beginning from NPD/I (New Product Development/Introduction) phase for all product categories through to end of product life.

Dyson Overview

Things move quickly at Dyson. In twenty years, what began with one man and one idea has grown into a global technology company, with 6,000 people and a presence in over 70 countries. From Malmesbury to Malaysia to the US to Australasia and many countries in between, we’ve sold over 80 million machines.

And it’s just the start. From 2016 our Malmesbury HQ is doubling its footprint. The US, our biggest market, is doubling their sales scope. And new frontiers are opening up across South East Asia and beyond. More people, more ideas and more space for more invention. The next four years will be our biggest and busiest yet.

Market Overview

We are challenging, assertive and collaborative in working with the wider business to prevent issues, to fix problems and to ensure that systemic lessons are learned. While not being afraid to shout stop when processes are out of control or at risk we love seeing new and innovative product getting into the hands of our consumers and so we are not a traditional quality department. We need processes but are not process obsessed – a real understanding and management of risk to customers is what drives us.

Function Overview

We are hands on with product development, our suppliers, manufacturers and the wider supply chain to ensure that the very best possible products end up in consumer’s hands.

The role will be based in Philippines and report to Quality Manager.


Main Duties/Responsibilities:

Supplier Quality Management, Development and Supplier process improvement (65%)
  • Working with the supplier/s ensure that their process capability is established, agreed, understood and monitored
  • Collect and evaluate supplier quality data to identify process improvement opportunities within the supply chain.
  • Ensure suppliers Quality readiness for NPI and SOP for all product categories
  • Working with the supplier directly, create corrective action plans to address process failures.
  • Review supplier manufacturing processes/yield, collaborate with suppliers on process improvement and value enhancement opportunities.
  • Regularly communicate with Engineering, Manufacturing Quality, and Procurement internally to identify opportunities for quality and productivity improvement.
  • Collect and maintain supplier performance metrics.Coordinate with Engineering, Manufacturing and Product Quality to ensure awareness to known purchased part or product quality issues.
  • Coordinate with Engineering, Manufacturing and Product Quality to ensure that the suppliers capabilities are understood and any gaps in requirements are planned for closure
  • Ensure that alignment and agreement is reached between Supplier/s Engineering and/or Manufacturing for Dyson drawing sign offs, taking in to account the suppliers capabilities to meet the requirements
  • Assist Procurement in conducting Supplier Audits, reviews assessments and categorizations of new and existing suppliers for selection and de-selection
Support corrective action process (10%)
  • Ensure that Suppliers RCCA process meets minimum Dyson requirements and expectations
  • Participate in SEA Quality meetings and present purchased part or product quality issues.
  • Investigate reported external quality issues that are believed to be purchased part or product driven and present findings at SEA Quality meetings.
  • Perform, lead or coordinate root cause analysis on purchased part or product quality issues and work issue through containment phase of corrective action process.
  • Communicate and instruct suppliers on the use of a corrective action process and quality tools & techniques.
  • Participate in the Corrective Action Review Board (CAR)

Support Supplier Qualification and Disqualification (25%)
  • Maintain supplier performance and audit results.
  • Identify repeat quality issues by supplier and maintain supplier quality scorecard.
  • Recommend suppliers for qualification and / or disqualification based upon quality performance in conjunction with Procurement and Engineering.


Essential Skills
  • Candidate must possess a Degree or Diploma in Engineering with minimum 5 years' experience in an engineering/quality capacity in a manufacturing environment
  • Strong technical background in moulding/spray painting, metal-stamping, rubber, packaging and Quality  management
  • Extensive experience is specifically required in issue management techniques, tools and methods e.g. 8D, 5 Whys, 5S, GR&R, DOE  etc…
  • Demonstrate understanding in full of engineering specs for component or assembly sourcing.
  • Issue Management - Able to successfully manage complex issues whilst under time and cost pressure, lead / coordinate cross-functional teams in delivering timely solutions
  • Experience in working in an environment where specification and process are not always predetermined.
  • Analytical and data driven with an ability to generate a concise argument to support their views.
  • Motivated by driving continuous improvement programs and application of Lessons Learnt mindset
Personal Specification:
  • Adaptability
  • Seeks to stretch and enhance the role of Quality across Dyson interfacing functions. Supports others within the functions, users and suppliers so that maximum value is derived by all processes
  • Self-motivated, independent, results-driven
  • Passion for delivering results and product quality
  • Process change / improvement skills are essential
  • Analytical and Attention to detail is a must

Benefits Overview


Posted: 26-Jan-2017