Moulding Process Engineer - Calamba, Laguna, Philippines


Calamba, Laguna, Philippines, Philippines


This is an opportunity for an experienced Molding Process Engineer to join a rapidly developing and constantly growing cutting edge consumer goods business. Dyson are expanding its footprint in SEA and are looking for experienced staff to take Dyson through it's next stage of growth.

Dyson Overview

Things move quickly at Dyson. In twenty years, what began with one man and one idea has grown into a global technology company, with 6,000 people and a presence in over 70 countries. From Malmesbury to Malaysia to the US to Australasia and many countries in between, we’ve sold over 80 million machines.

And it’s just the start. From 2016 our Malmesbury HQ is doubling its footprint. The US, our biggest market, is doubling their sales scope. And new frontiers are opening up across South East Asia and beyond. More people, more ideas and more space for more invention. The next four years will be our biggest and busiest yet.

Market Overview

The Dyson tooling team in Philippines will oversee all aspect of tooling operations relating to activities in running Dyson’s high tech Dyson Digital Motor (DDM) facility, as well as operations pertaining to the manufacturing and exporting of finished goods produced by our contract manufacturer in Laguna in the Philippines.   

Function Overview

The team will be fully responsible for the site’s Molding Process activities. It will work closely with the SEA offices in Singapore and Malaysia to achieve all its deliverables.


Primary Responsibilities:
  • Work closely with Tooling Engineer for Tooling trial stage at TM site.
  • Work closely with Tooling Procurement for RFQ stage.
  • Review Tool DFM and provide suggestion improvement if necessary.
  • Join mold trial at T Final stage before tool transfer to CM site.
  • Provide advance information to CM site if ever there is any special requirement for tooling to set-up.
  • Verify and confirm Engineering data, before tool transfer to CM ie; cycle time, machine tonnage, yield data etc
  • Review and analys tooling breakdown ie; design issue, Misshandling etc. (TRR report)
  • Release weekly report for Tooling breakdown and its improvement plan to eliminate the issues.
  • Lead the tooling trial at CM site.
  • Make daily updates for tooling trial status, tool downtime and SOP repair cost


Secondary Responsibilities:
  • Audit Tool Maker
  • Support NPI for any tool trial at TM site.
  • Request database to Tool Maker
  • Join mold trial at TM site together with Tooling Engineer

Benefits Overview


Posted: 26-Jan-2017